Tauck Guidelines for Trip Reviews

Countless travellers like you rely on our tour reviews when planning their next trip. We’ve put together the following guidelines to help to ensure that the reviews we publish are truthful, relevant, and fair. Readers are helped most by reviews that offer a more general, overall view of your Tauck travel experience, unlike the more specific comments you provided on the comment card at the end of your trip.

Following are the guidelines for Tauck Reviews:

Tauck Reviews should be written by Tauck travellers

  • Reviews should only be written by travellers who actually took and completed a tour or cruise with Tauck.
  • The content of your review should be written by you, the traveller, and should not quote material from other sources. Second-hand accounts, unverified information, or third-party reviews will not be accepted.

The most helpful reviews are unique and independent

  • Make your review timely – your review should be written for trips that occurred within a year of submission.
  • Write only one review for the tour that you have completed.

Important note: If you'd like to update or delete a review you wrote, please log in to your Tauck Profile account, select “My Reviews”, and then click either the “edit review” or “delete review" buttons.

To make your Tauck Review relevant to other travellers…

  • Please do not include questions for other reviewers or comments about other reviews, reviewers, or management responses in your tour review.
  • Questions or comments directed to or specifically naming Tauck Tour Directors are not allowed and will be either edited out or deleted.
  • Questions or comments directed to or about other Tauck staff will not be posted.
  • Commercial e-mail addresses and contact information are not allowed in reviews, nor is promotional material of any kind. We reserve the right to reject any URL for any reason.
  • For help with travel-related questions, please visit our Travel Forums.

Age requirement

  • All reviewers must be over the age of 13.

Standard e-mail etiquette for family-friendly Tauck Reviews

  • Please follow standard etiquette when writing your review. Please do not use ALL CAPS, excessive typographic symbols, HTML tags or slang.
  • Please refrain from using personally insulting language or posting content that is irrelevant and unhelpful to Tauck travellers.
  • Tauck Reviews should not be used as a forum for political, ethical, or religious opinions, discussion, or commentary.
  • Content that is not family-friendly will not be accepted – no profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, sexually explicit language, or graphic reports of criminal activity or substance abuse.
  • Reports of injury will be considered on an individual basis.

And finally...

  • Tauck reserves the right to remove or edit a trip review at any time for any reason.
  • The reviews posted on tauck.com are individual and subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of Tauck travellers and not of Tauck, Inc.
  • These reviews will be shared on tauck.com
  • By writing and submitting a Trip Review, you agree to adhere to Tauck's Terms & Conditions.



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